A note in my pocket

Card Deck

Open your heart. Challenge your wonder.

A note in my pocket - card deck was created for you.  It is a collection of 52 'notes' that will bring you closer to you. 

Each is designed to take an idea and encourage you to see it / apply it in  your own life.


Shuffle. Pick one.  It will be just the right one.


52 cards in all - one for each week if you like.

  • Pick one to start the day.
  • Pick one for the week.
  • Pick one for inspiration.

See what works for you. 


The notes on the back of the card are there to get you started. Be curious to see what the front of the card really means to you as you appliy it, how it shows up in YOUR life.  


These are here for you and YOUR journey...and to open up the wonder and awe in your life.


Most of all - have fun.  Share it with a friend. 


Say Yes.

What a great tool to start the year! You'll be amazed at how the note applies to your life and what you will see!

Be Curious.

Time and Attention are the fuel for success.  Note in My Pocket cards are a catalyst to open a door to what you may be too busy to see. In the noisy world we live in, sometimes we need a reminder.

Have Fun.

It is simple. Pick a card and see how it shows up in your life ... and what it shows you :)

What does the Deck Include?

What if I have a question about one of the cards?

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